By Brittani Wheeler

On March 6 at 10 a.m. the Carmel Police Department and Superintendent Barbara Underwood conducted a press conference at police headquarters to release the findings of the death investigation of freshman Ziang Ke. At the conference the police announced the investigation indicated Ke died as a result of injuries he suffered Jan. 7 after falling under the wheels of a bus from this district.

In a statement via email, Underwood said, “The results of the Carmel Police Department’s investigation help answer many lingering questions. However, these results do not mitigate our sadness and concern for all of those individuals affected by this tragedy, especially his parents, other family members and his classmates and friends.”

She said while this death was an accident, this district will continue to review bus safety procedures, as it does each year, and do everything to maintain the safety and security of its students.

Underwood said, “We are and continue to be devastated by the news of (Ke’s) accidental death. His passing had a profound effect on our school and community.”

The City of Carmel posted a media release with further information on its Web site

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