Students sell their artwork for charity on Nov. 18


On Nov. 18 from 6 to 9 p.m., an auction of students’ artwork is scheduled to occur at the Columbia Club Grand Ballroom for the Indianapolis Institute for Families.

Jen Davis, the chairperson of the art department, said, “The primary goal of their charity is to help kids and adults that have been through abusive and traumatic situations, as well as special needs children.”

The type of art that students create and auction include photography, drawing, pottery and color copies of drawings.

“Last year’s turn out wasn’t that great, so one of my goals this year is to really participate in that,” Davis said, “I want students to understand what they’re donating their artwork for and know the benefits of service work.”

Senior Allison Hodgin is one of the many students participating in this event.

“All the money people use to buy our artwork is given to those who’ve been in traumatic situations,” Hodgin said. Hodgin is creating pottery/ceramic art because she said it is easy and quick, yet looks difficult.

Hodgin said, “I feel like, why not participate? I have the materials and the ability, and it’s going to help people.” By Katie Walstrom <>