Counterpoints practice for Holiday Spectacular, tickets on sale


CHS freshman choir Counterpoints is preparing  for the Holiday Spectacular concert, which is quickly approaching. Tickets are on sale for $15. Choir director Ann Conrad is very excited for the show and says that preparation is going smoothly for Counterpoints and all other CHS choirs.

“It’s going very well… the only negative about it is that the project is so big, that even when you get a few things accomplished, you still think your behind because there are so many details to take care of. But, we have a lot of parents on board and the students are working hard, so I would say there is nothing getting in our way. We just got to go out there and do it,” Conrad said.

Conrad said that ticket sales for Holiday Spectacular follow a specific schedule. Beginning on Nov. 1, each student in the show can buy up to 10 tickets. The students are giving priority by their class, so seniors get first pick while members of Counterpoints, or freshmen, buy their tickets last. According to Conrad, the line for Holiday Spectacular tickets seen after school on Nov. 8 was the line of family members who want to buy tickets for the concert.

Then, on Nov. 2, CHS faculty members can pick up their two complimentary tickets to the show and purchase additional tickets if necessary.

“We gave the staff their own day because we know staff members want to come to the show. However, when they have to get their tickets with the general public, they have limited time to get them during the school day and wait in line. So, we give them their tickets a day early,” Conrad said.

General tickets go on sale Nov. 3 and Conrad said that the response everyday for the sale of tickets has been good. Tickets are still available for all shows, but at this point in time only balcony seats are available for Dec. 3-5.  Dec. 1 and 2 shows still have main floor seats available, so those willing to see the shows at those dates will still have great seats, according to Conrad.

Holiday Spectacular will most likely never be extended, Conrad said, as it is squeezed in perfectly between Thanksgiving Break and final exams.

“We want to give the students a break before finals…the shows are very physically demanding of the kids. I know I’m exhausted after practice and the actual performances, and I don’t have to go do homework as well. I just want to make sure the students have enough time. And, you know, five shows is unheard of for a high school to do, so I can’t imagine going longer than five shows,” she said.

Vessi Doncheva, a member of Counterpoints and freshman, said that as Holiday Spectacular gets closer, she is getting more and more anxious for the show.

She said, “It’s so much fun preparing for the show. We get to learn new songs and dances. But, it can get to be a lot and I just hope that all goes well on performance night. It’s still an experience, though.” By Dhruti Patel <[email protected]>