The 10 Commandments of Call of Duty Multiplayer

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I. Thou shalt not boost!

II. Thou shalt not hack their way to the top of the leader-boards to look like they are a 15th prestige level 50!

III. Thou shalt not use a modded controller to make a Semi-Auto weapon to act like a Sub-Machine gun.

IV. He who does any of these shall be condemned by Treyacrch Studios to Call of Duty Hell! Aka. -999999999999999 Points

V. Thou shalt not make fun of people with high pitched voices, as they may have Justin Bieber syndrome (such as me).

VI. Thou shalt not make offensive emblems. (I know what you did, and though you may think it’s funny, IT’S NOT!!!!)

VII. Thou shalt not put a radio next to the mic to make it all static up (it’s annoying)

VII. Thou shalt not intentionally friendly fire someone in a Hardcore room in order to help a friend on another team

VIII. Thou shalt not block the re-spawning point, thus committing treason and forcing a loss.

IX. Thou shalt not put “420” in their emblem, it is not cool to be a stoner, (see VI.)

X. Thou shalt abide to these sacred rules, or shalt be condemned to the XBox 360 Red Ring of Death!