Tailgate for Life separate from Homecoming

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By: Renny Logan <[email protected]>

Since its inception three years ago, Tailgate for Life has taken place the week of Homecoming. However, this year it took place on the day of the Aug. 31 football game instead.

“(In previous years) Tailgate for Life was lost in the shuffle of Homecoming festivities,” said Katie Overbeck, Tailgate for Life and House sponsor. “We felt like it was an easier way for us to get our crowd and let everyone do what they want for Homecoming.”

Megan Marshall, organizer for Tailgate for Life and senior, has helped with the event for two years now. She said that in previous years, Homecoming had been the main event and focus of the evening. This year though, those involved in organizing the event wanted Tailgate for Life to be the focus.

Both Marshall and Nick Reibel, organizer for Tailgate for Life and senior, organized and planned the whole event. With the assistance of a few student volunteers, they organized the B.D.’s Mongolian Grill Barbeque fund-raiser, chose bands, and setup the event itself.

Marshall said that Reibel and herself went to fifth period that day only, and spent the rest of the day getting everything setup for Tailgate for Life. A summer’s worth of planning goes into it. The first meeting took place at the beginning of the summer, with meetings continuing up until the event itself.

Marshall said that even though Tailgate for Life was separate from Homecoming this year, the event still managed to draw a decent crowd.

“There was a bigger turnout than previous years, and a good flow of people. There was never a time when it was empty,” said Marshall. “Overall, the event was successful.”

Overbeck said that Tailgate for Life will continue to be separate from Homecoming again next year so that it will remain the focus of the evening. Also, according to Marshall, it was more successful than previous years.

Only a few changes will be made next year, including reorganizing the bands’ schedule. Overbeck said she would like to have the bigger bands play from 5 to 6 p.m. while the event is at its peak number of participants.

Overbeck said, “Every year, it’s a little bit different. Overall, it was a strong event.” Overbeck said there was a good turnout for bands, and that a better job was done advertising to the different classes this year.

“We wanted to try and keep it the same,” said Marshall. “(There are) always things to improve, but the main idea we want to keep the same.”