CHTV continues with its regular programs


During winter sports season, CHTV plans to continue with its regular coverage.

“We’re heavy into sports right now,” CHTV adviser Hal Espey said.

CHTV covers the men’s and women’s basketball teams, and coverage will include interviews with the basketball coaches.

Marianna Cooper, CHTV sideline reporter and senior, said, “Basketball is kind of our second to football. We put almost as much work into basketball as we do football.”

Along with sports coverage, CHTV will also continue its studio shows, such as “CHS Today,” featuring Principal John Williams.

“‘CHS Today’ is an interview with Mr. Williams about what’s going on at the high school,” Cooper said.

In addition, CHTV will also broadcast “Carmel Clay Connection” featuring Superintendent Jeff Swensson, and a show featuring Mayor Jim Brainard is also in the works.

Cooper said, “The show with the mayor is basically a 30-minute interview with Mr. Brainard about stuff going on in Carmel.” By Sarah Matthews <[email protected]>