NHS to meet soon to prepare for events during school year

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By: Tim Chai <[email protected]>

NHS will meet the first Tuesday of every month to plan for future events this year. The next NHS meeting is next Tuesday.

“Meetings are very short. It’s basically come in and come out. Members are expected to come because it’ll only take 15 to 30 minutes max,” Gizele Rubeiz, NHS vice president and senior, said.

According to club sponsor Deborah Haire, future NHS events have not been decided upon yet. However, she also said that new events will be revealed at the next meeting.

Rubeiz said, “This will be a great year. We’re going to try to do even better than last year’s NHS chapter.
“We’re going to try to continue doing many of the events last year as well as coming up with new ones this year.”

Also, Haire advised members to check their e-mails frequently. She said, “We’ll be e-mailing updates about NHS to our members.”

According to Rubeiz, NHS officers will send updates through e-mail, and members can find volunteer opportunities in their e-mails.

Rubeiz said, “Just check your e-mail; it’s so easy.”