Stunt the Stress Club is now Stunt the Academic Stress Club

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By Afra Hussain
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Stunt the Stress Club has changed its name to Stunt the Academic Stress Club to clarify what the club hopes to achieve.

“It is supposed to be a network for students and teachers so they can see eye to eye,” Alexandra Keehan, founder and senior said.

Keehan set-up two new pages on the club’s Web site and is planning to conduct a conference call with Stop the Homework author Sara Bennett. She plans to involve members to help out in the organizing process.

“A big part of the club is brainstorming together and see what members want,” she said.

Keehan will work with sponsor Patricia Balchan to figure out what the club’s needs are.

“It is going to evolve once we get people in the club finding out what needs students have and figuring out how to meet those needs,” Balchan said.

Keehan has also been busy advocating for the club outside of school to help more students.

“It’s pretty cool because Stunt the Academic Stress is getting around because a girl in Brooklyn is trying to get a club started at her own school,” Keehan said.

She said she has a lot in mind for the club. However, a lot is still unknown, such as meeting dates and times.

Balchan said, “I will be learning along the way with Alexandra to find out how to best serve this club.”