It’s Lovely Weather For a Sweater..

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Attention Carmel High School students: being warm is officially attractive. As irresistible as goose-bumps and compulsive shivering can be, more and more students here have taken a stand against ice-cold skin baring outfits and are opting for a more toasty alternative. And just like that, the sweater has made a comeback worthy of taking note of.  Teen Vogue paid the sweater tribute in its magazine under its ‘Fall Best Trends’ and the multi-purpose sweater also made its way onto the ‘Fall Trend Report’ of Models bundled themselves up for runway walks everywhere from Dolce & Gabbana to Kenzo.

Just like snowflakes, no two sweaters are EXACTLY a like. I think one of the really appealing things about the whole sweater takeover is that, in addition to comfort, the sweater is also a poster-child for originality. Unlike other fashion trends, there are so many varieties of one piece of clothing that it’s easy to go with the flow without turning into some sort of fashion clone.

To see some runway experts of this style, you can check out this link to the above mentioned;

Kristen Ogburn
Sophomore Ale Hudson
Sophomore Kevin Krauter