Jessie J: A voice worth remembering

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The topic of music is one that always comes up when my friends and I are having a discussion. I mean, music is one of the only things people around the world can relate with. Whether it’s classical or rap, music is the common thread linking the world, in my opinion. Anyway, my friends were discussing an artist named Jessie J, a songwriter who recently became a pop artist, kind of like Lady Gaga. I decided to try her music, as my friends were saying that she will become the “next big thing,” and of course, I needed to be a part of that.

As soon as I heard the first line of the chorus, I burst out laughing. I was listening to “Do It Like a Dude,” which is Jessie J’s first single on iTunes. The first thing I could really make out was “I can do it like a brother, do it like a dude,” which I thought was incredibly funny, especially paired with her unique voice. The song reminded me of Ciara’s “Like a Boy,” but incorporated something I wasn’t used to: it was fun to listen to.

The music industry has grown a lot over the years, and as great as it has become, it never hits that happy medium between fun and serious for me. It just seems that songs are either full of catchy beats that are meant for clubs and dances, or they talk about serious issues such as poverty, child abuse and the problems of the world. Jessie J finally offered a fresh perspective, something that immediately got me interested.

On top of her fun personality that shows through her music, Jessie J has an amazing natural voice. She sounds a bit computerized in “Do It Like A Dude,” but I heard an acoustic version of it on YouTube, and she sounded amazing. Her voice is incredible, and one that fans won’t forget about soon.

“Price Tag” featuring B.o.B is another song of Jessie J’s that I personally think is her best so far. It offers an innocent message of how music is there to “make people dance,” and proves how great her voice is. After listening to it, I’m sure I won’t be the only one who sees Jessie J’s music genius; she will surely be making waves in the music industry soon.