“Food for Fines” allows students to eliminate media center fines

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From February 2 to 28, students at CHS will be able to pay back all their library fines by abiding to the new “Food for Fines” policy instilled at the CHS media center.

To qualify for this policy, students must return all of their overdue materials along with an undetermined number of non-perishable food items to the media center. This policy has been enacted around this time for a few years.

“We opted to do this back in 2005. We really like students to pay their fines, but it comes to a point where the fines are just ignored,” media manager Donna Prather said. Prather handles the overdues for the media center among other responsibilities.

“We have quite a few students with fines, and some of them can’t pay the fines,” Prather said, “We decided that it was better to do something good through the canned goods then let the fines go unpayed. It allows them to pay their fines and do something good.”

Prather urges students to take advantage of this oppurtunity rather then ignoring their fines.

“At first when fines are ignored, a week after the materials are dued back, we send a note to the student’s SRT,” Prather said, “Then, if we have their email on file, we email the student notifying them about their overdues. After that we send a letter to the student’s home, and if that’s ignored, we call their home, and if the fines still go unpaid, we turn them over to the dean’s office.” By Blaine Herbst <[email protected]>