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By: Tommy Sneider <>

How good of friends are you two?
Dan Frascella: We’re pretty good friends. Really good friends actually. We met freshman year, and we share a lot of the same friends, so we ended up doing a lot of the same stuff together.

David Joest: We’ve been friends since probably freshman year. We didn’t know each other before then. We’re actually pretty similar. We’ve been on the same Trike Team and hang out with the same group of people.

How will your friendship help your work in student government this year?
DF: I think it’ll make us be able to work well together because we share some of the same beliefs and we have the same ideas on what we want the school to do. If we work towards the same common goal, it’ll make the student government more effective.

DJ: It’ll definitely be beneficial because we’re used to working with each other and we know each other’s way of leadership and we work well together.

What makes you unique?
DF: I’d say it’s because I’m on the wrestling team, and I don’t think there’s ever been a SBP that was on the wrestling team, so we’ll see how that works out.

DJ: I’d say not being involved much with student government before, it’ll be a little different with that. But having two guys next year will definitely give the school a unique feel.

What will your biggest challenge for this school year be?
DF: Probably matching the level of achievement the student government achieved last year. I believe we can achieve the same level that Dance Marathon did last year.

DJ: Since I’ve never actually been in House, getting used to (how) other programs (have been) run in the past will be a challenge. I sort of have an idea of what’s going on.

What changes do you plan to make?
DF: For Homecoming, we’re rearranging some of the committees to get more school spirit during the week. For Dance Marathon, we’re adding a technology committee to run the technological part more smoothly and try to recruit more people for Dance Marathon to earn more money.

DJ: Rachel (Cuthbert, former speaker of the House) and I are very different, so our styles of leadership are definitely different. The student body will notice that the House will have a different face next year. I have big hopes for what we can do this year and make Dance Marathon even bigger. We’re thinking about the idea of making a tour of all the schools in the (Carmel) district and have Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon raised $6,000 last year at Towne Meadow. Our total will be higher this year hopefully.

What’s your goal for this school year?
DF: We pretty much just want to do as good of a job as we did last year. We want to improve on what we have, which is good already, and make some changes to make it even better.

What activities are you planning?
DF: We’re still planning the same activities, like Homecoming, Dance Marathon and Teacher Appreciation Week. The same stuff as last year, but we might be doing Dance Marathon at elementary schools. We did one at Towne Meadow and it went well, so we might do it at different elementary schools.

DJ: In addition to the 3-on-3 tournament, Winter Formal, Dance Marathon and Houndstock, we’re planning to get the school involved with a Special Olympics group. That was an idea that was brought up, and everyone seems to be okay with that idea. Tailgate for Life is an unofficial House event that we will also help organize.

What advice do you have for students?
DF: Get involved with all the school events next year because it’s the best thing you can do. It’s really fun and it helps school spirit. Do Dance Marathon and other events. I’ve gotten involved the past three years, and I haven’t regretted any of it.

DJ: Going out of your comfort zone has benefits. I’m getting to know different kinds of people. It improves your life in general with getting to know different kinds of people.

If you could tell fellow students one thing, what would you say?
DF: I kind of want to quote Mr. (Lee) Lonzo (former activities director) on this, “You only take with you what you leave behind.” Get involved in high school, because it really goes by quickly.

DJ: Get involved because there’s a lot of organizations doing really good things for the school or community.