Color guard prepares for competition at Lucas Oil

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By Nina Underman
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The color guard and marching band are looking to repeat last year’s top finish at the Bands of America Indianapolis Regional, scheduled to take place at Lucas Oil Stadium on Nov. 8.

According to Michael Pote, Associate Director of Bands, the Indianapolis Regional prepares the Marching Greyhounds for the National competition, which is scheduled to begin Nov. 13.

“It’s the last Regional before the National championship, so it’s a chance to compete against groups that are going to be at the National championship the following week. It’s also a chance to get some reads from the judges that could possibly be at National championships,” Pote said.

The Marching Greyhounds will perform their show, which lasts until 9:20, twice on Saturday.

“We’re a long show, but it’s good,” Pote said. “There’s a storyline that you can follow throughout. It’s the whole concept of dreaming and nightmares and things like that. It’s a really interesting way to watch a marching band show.”

According to Color Guard Coach Rosie Queen, the team auditions every year in April and begins training in the summer. The team practices Tuesday through Friday for two hours after school and all day on Saturday.

According to Sarah Mack, color guard member and junior, the color guard will practice for two hours Saturday morning at the school before getting dressed and doing hair and makeup.

“(The costumes) are supposed to look like pajamas. They’re silky on the leg part and shimmery on the top. Then we have a robe cover that we put on during the nightmare section,” Mack said.

Then they will travel downtown to the competition site. At Lucas Oil Stadium, the color guard will stretch and go through visual warm-up to practice with their equipment before heading onto the field to perform.

In preparation for the Regional and National, the color guard will continue with its normal practice schedule. Additional reporting by Sarah Sheafer