House of Representatives to host Amazing Race and Houndstock in May


On Feb. 26, House raised $230,602.20 for Riley Children’s Hospital at Dance Marathon. Upcoming House events include the Carmel and Clay middle school Dance Marathons, Amazing Race on May 7 and Houndstock on May 14.

Speaker of the House David Chiang said that he thought Dance Marathon went phenomenally well this year. “We had our best marathon of all DMs,” Chiang said. “We do have the middle school marathons this year, but that is primarily for student government, and these totals go towards Carmel High School’s total for next year.”

House sponsor Sarah Wolff said that around 1,200 dancers registered this year, which went up around 100 from last year. “The record we were aiming to hit had nothing to do with money,” Wolff said. “(The record) dealt with the number of students, and that number went up. It was the one we focused on and were most proud of.”

As for Houndstock, Chiang said it is not set to change in any noticeable manner. “Basically student bands will audition and we will have a faculty band playing as per tradition,” Chiang said. “Band auditions will be in the activities office on April 11, and tryout information is on the application.”

Wolff said that there will be a set of new tasks for the Amazing Race this year. Student government created a suggestion box and anyone from the school can suggest different missions for the teams to accomplish so there are not repeated tasks.

“We just wanted to thank anyone who came out and supported DM in any way,” Chiang said. “We are very grateful and what we’ve done is absolutely incredible. We just hope our efforts can help those who couldn’t be there that day.” By David Zheng