‘Twas the Night Before NASCAR 2011

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‘Twas the night before NASCAR 2011 in the Barnthouse house

Not a creature was racing, not even a mouse

Matt was fast asleep with dreams of Daytona racing in his head

Smirking in his dreams, tucked in his bed

Then all of a sudden, engine noise roared

The commish of NASCAR was at the door

He had 8 gleaming cars pulling his sleigh

Yelling, “NASCAR for everybody on this glorious day!”

A copy for the XBox 360 layed on Matt’s bed

A day of races happened to be ahead

As the Commish left for more games to give

He had to yell at his cars to leave and let Matt live

“On Earnhardt, On Gordon, On Petty for our flight”

“Start your engines, and have a good night!”