Newspaper earns top rating from Quill & Scroll

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Quill & Scroll, the international honorary society for high school journalists, recently recognized the 2007-08 Carmel High School student newspaper with one of that organization’s highest awards. The HiLite earned an International First Place Award for superior achievement. Newspapers scoring between 900 and 1,000 total points in the evaluation earn that distinction. Carmel’s paper earned 983 points out of 1,000 and additionally earned superior achievements in all five of the evaluation’s individual categories – policy guidelines, coverage, writing and editing, display and design, and business practices.

In his critique comments, the anonymous judge said of the publication, “Wow! The writing is crisp and includes direct and indirect quotes. The coverage is so varied. The depth is amazing – you take one topic and COVER it! Then (you) get to design, and it’s phenomenal. This staff and adviser must work constantly. Bravo! Cheers! Wow!”

Jaclyn Chen (University of Pennsylvania) was last year’s editor in chief. Grace Baranowski (Duke University) and John Shi (Dartmouth College) were last year’s managing editors.

Jim Streisel advises the HiLite.