Wright Time. Carmel needs to give Wright more time to prove himself to the community

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James Benedict

Carmel is used to winning consistently in almost every aspect of the school. Between the arts, academics and athletics, Carmel always seems to hold its own with any other school in the nation. So when new football coach, Kevin Wright, took over for Mo Moriarity, people expected to win instantly. When Carmel lost this year to Fishers many were shocked. However, many people did not realize that it will take Wright time to change the football team to his style, and by giving him more time they are more likely to see long term success.

While Carmel has been to the State Championship four out of the last five years, it has only won one state title in that time. Two of those losses could be blamed on questionable calls by referees, however Carmel still had a false sense of championships under its belt. Mo Moriarity was and still is a great coach, and he helped get Carmel back on the map for football. However it is now Wright’s time, and as a community, we must give him the appropriate amount of time to change the program to his coaching style.

While I believe Wright deserves more time to prove himself to the community, he does not have eternity to win. Wright needs to show improvement year over year, if he wants to keep up the tradition of Carmel football.

Wright inherited an already fantastic football program, that has the ability to win State almost any year. Wright, and Carmel fans, should be looking for a state win every year, but it is understandable to not perform as well as the past in the first year under a new coach. After a year to adjust the program to his liking, and for players to learn the system, Carmel is poised to beat anybody in the state next year.

Wright has been a renowned coach for high school football. He won three consecutive State Championships at Warren Central in 2003, 2004 and 2005. He has proved that he can win State Championships, given the right circumstances. Carmel certainly has all the resources to create a championship team, and under a proven coach it has a great shot at winning a title. Given a few years, Wright should have no problem winning a state title for Carmel.

Wright has tried and is trying to change Carmel’s opponents to face more out-of-state teams in order to boost Carmel’s acclaim. By removing the traditional season opener against Cathedral he is trying to play opponents from around the Midwest. This will push Carmel into playing better teams in the regular season, and could lead Carmel to have more post-season success.

I do understand how Carmel fans have grown accustom to going to state, they must appreciate the time it takes for a new coach to adjust a system.

Over the next few years we will all see if Wright can transform an already great system, into one that’s even better. By complaining about last year’s short comings in the playoffs, you are only hurting the program. Hopefully in the upcoming year or two we can all see a Greyhound victory in the State game, but we must give him enough time to succeed.