‘Twas the Night Before Madden

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‘Twas the night before Madden in the Barnthouse house

Not a creature was tackling, not even the Cleveland Browns

The helmets were hung by the lockers with care

In hopes that a game was going to a Chicago Bear

The players were all nestled in the huddle when the night was dead

The quarterback will throw once the play is read

Julius Peppers hopes the quarterback is sacked

The linemen will block them, while their bones are cracked

When out on the lawn the fumble went platter

The pile for the ball was won by someone who went splatter

Away to the end zone Adrian Peterson went with a flash

Patrick Willis tackled him with a great crash

Up in New York with the new fallen snow

John Madden ate turkey with a big HO-HO!

When his wondering eyes would appear

A great big TOUCHDOWN! where everyone cheered.

With a little screen pass that was thrown quick

Darrelle Revis snatched it up with one big pick

More rapid than Jets Revis came

6 points that would help them win the game


Let’s make this catch to win the game

Games like these went on for a long time

For another year Madden would be mine