Comedy Sportz to host auditions Sept. 2

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On Sept. 2 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., Comedy Sportz will host auditions for its 2011-2012 team members in the studio theatre.

“We’re offering workshops to teach some games and let those auditioning get to know each other,” sponsor Jim Peterson said. According to Peterson, these workshops will be during SRT in the studio theatre and involve improvisation activities similar to those used in auditions.

“The team pretty much decides (the new team members),” Peterson said. “I just put in my two cents.” Peterson said the Comedy Sportz team will have six members, with three returning and three new.”

“We take a look at what weaknesses we have and who can make up for them,” Austin Guevara, returning member and senior, said. Guevara said he’s excited for auditions because it’s his first year as a veteran conducting the process.

“We’re really looking for people who can create good characters and have a lot of energy,” Guevara said.