Chemistry Club members prepare for first demonstration


Chemistry Club members are preparing for their first IPS elementary school demonstration, which will take place sometime during October.

“Our main purpose is to try to get kids interested in science,” Ray Qian, co-leader of the Chemistry Club and senior, said. They want to focus especially on fourth and fifth graders, he said.

“It just feels like (demonstrating at an IPS school) is more meaningful,” Qian said.

The demonstrations include a fun experiment to get the kids involved, such as making ice cream, as they did for their first demonstration last year. Then the club members perform another experiment that isn’t hands-on and explain it to the students.

Club members plan to meet on Fridays after school, to plan and create the demonstrations, although their plan is not definite yet.

Virginia Kundrat, sponsor of club and chemistry teacher, said the members have also expressed interest in entering a video competition at the Children’s Museum for National Chemistry Week on November 5, but they are not certain about that yet.