Model U.N. callout upcoming, Club considering new events

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By: Andrew Browning <[email protected]>

The Model U.N. call-out meeting will occur near the end of September or early October, according to club sponsor Tracy Hadden. Flyers will be passed out and announcements will be made to inform students of the exact date of the callout, which could be an introduction to Model U.N.’s biggest year ever.

“We may consider entering additional competitions,” Hadden said. “One is at Earlham College and one is in Chicago.”

Hadden said what could prevent the club from making additional trips is the price. “I’ll check into those,” Hadden said. “They are kind of costly, so I don’t know how feasible it is to go.”

Hadden said the application process this year will be the same as last year’s, assuming the Indianapolis Model U.N. does not change any policies. Each student must fill out an application, and Hadden accepts the maximum number of 72 students into the club, based primarily on seniority.

Junior Sarah Turner, who represented Germany as a sophomore, said she encourages any students with an interest in global politics to consider joining Model U.N. “Students that are interested in international affairs should come out,” she said.

Hadden said that students can gain valuable skills by joining Model U.N.

“Anybody who’s interested in international relations or world issues should consider joining,” Hadden said. “You learn skills like public speaking, debate and political persuasion.”