The merits of Country Music

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I would like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded guy. I listen to both mainstream and indie. I listen to melodic death metal and jazz. I breach numerous cultural and musical barriers. But there is one barrier that I will not completely cross, country music. Country music is my bane (besides ). I mean no offense to those who like it, I mean, I like some country music better than Britney Spears. But for me, listening to country is like grating my ears with a vegetable peeler.

However, country music does not betray my belief that there is always merit in any kind of genre. So there are a few artists of the genre that I like.

John Mellencamp: To put it simply, this man is my childhood. Any hoosier who grew up in the ’90’s should know and enjoy his music. Though it has been years since I have heard his music, it is in my mind, the acoustic essence of Indiana. Well, if you add the sound of cornstalks waving in the background. The reason I don’t listen to it anymore is because it is a sacred part of my childhood. I have learned to not look back on my treasured childhood moments lest my misanthropic teenage mind twists it into something horrible.

The Band Perry: A recent favorite in my playlist, what I really love about these guys are the lyrics. I really like the lyrics. The Band Perry’s songs are some of the deepest stuff in all of the songs that I have heard. I also like the guitarist too. Unlike most country music, the guitar does not make my ear sad. What I really like to hear in acoustic songs is fluidity in the instrumental (). I am interested to see where these guys go.

Taylor Swift: Okay. It’s time to come clean. I love Taylor Swift. I know her songs are incredibly girly, but wow, that girl can play guitar. Best example of what I am talking about is “Speak Now.” It has some of the best instrumentals I have ever heard in a song. And I have to say, if I was a teenage girl (I don’t care what they have told you, I am not a teenage girl) I would worship Taylor Swift’s songs. I will admit that her lyrics are a bit repetitive, there are some awesome things in there. “Better Than Revenge,” is in the top five of the songs I would like to hear after a break up.

Looking back, most of my favorite country songs are definitely leaning towards pop music, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t matter one bit what music you listen to as long as you enjoy it.