Counselors to introduce Indiana Career Explorer


Before the end of November, school counselors plan to introduce students of all grade levels to the Indiana Career Explorer, which according to counselor Melinda Stephan, is an online tool that provides a “comprehensive path” for those who are in any stage of finding a job.

Though counselors have yet to decide on a set date,  Stephan said that counseling department chairperson Melinda Skafish is working out a schedule with the social studies department for the junior class and the English department for the other classes that will allow students to learn about Indiana Career Explorer.

According to Stephan, she is excited for this new program.

“All of the college exploration and prep is available (through Indiana Career Explorer),” Stephan said.

“It’s something that students can use after high school,” Stephan said. “The idea for us is to help (students) create an account here, but when (they) leave, (they) don’t have to stop using it.”

According to freshman Edward Zhang, the Indiana Career Explorer website offers better information than most other college preparation websites, whose information is often standard and repetitive.

“I was amazed at the relevance (Indiana Career Explorer) had in relation to me,” Zhang said via email.

“It provided me with resources designed to help me not only follow a college and career path but also create a guideline on which any future, academic endeavors can follow,” Zhang said.