The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Divas

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What would our culture be without these idols, these strong, powerful women? Why is it that our society idolizes women over men? Believe it or not men, the female gender is more inspirational. When our soldiers fight overseas, are they fighting for Uncle Sam? No, they’re fighting for Lady Liberty. Do the British have the deep love and protection of their King? Not as much as they do for the Queen.

One of the origins of this sacred relationship is motherhood. Maternal bonds are the most important factor in determining one’s basic psychology. Because they are the ones who accomodate and sacrifice for their children, mothers are respected by most cultures of the world. This reverence spreads across the entire female gender, thus leading to the idolization of the female.

But enough of my rantings, let’s get on to dishing some celebrities

Katy Perry
Good: Her old songs. The new ones make her look like, well, kind of trashy. Which she really isn’t, her songs are usually about having fun and going wild.
Bad: California Girls. Ugh. Please, Mrs Perry, do not ever do this again. Learn from your mistakes. America really doesn’t want to see you mess it up. They may say they do, but they don’t know what they want. Do what made you popular.
Ugly: Russell Brand may be funny and perfect for Katy, but He looks like a bigoted California rock star.

Lady Gaga
Good: You and I, Bad Romance, and Alejandro. The rest is good, but not AMAZING. Also this woman has dedication to her art form.
Bad: Her ‘incubation’ during one of the awards shows. Also the performance afterwards. Ms. Gaga, you’re talented but that was a horrid performance for your standards.
Ugly: A lot of her fashion may be interesting, but it’s not very appealing. Especially the meat dress.

Good: Pretty much all of her songs sound amazing. Not my style, but I have to respect her amazing voice
Bad: She has not put songs as awesome as her earlier work. I am not even sure if she is still in the business
Ugly: Nothing, she is beautiful.

Britney Spears
Good: Nothing.
Bad: Almost every song she has ever sung.
Ugly: Herself. Britney Spears you should drop out of the music business, you do not age like fine wine, you age like moldy cheese.

I do have to hand it to Britney. She is a tenacious fellow. And her songs have retained relatively the same quality throughout the year. That’s not saying much but at least she has not gotten worse. Thank God she has not gotten worse.