Students find help from peers at Student Tutor Connections

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By: Lexi Muir <[email protected]>

Sometimes, all anyone needs is a little help from their friends. Students can find that at Student Tutor Connections. This club offers help from students for any students who need it. Student Tutor Connections is completely free and happens during school, so students don’t need to find any extra time for it.

Kris Hartman, sponsor of the club and counselor, said this is a much-needed club here. “It gives help to students who can’t find it anywhere else,” she said.

This school year, the club will start up as soon as possible. Flyers will be put up around the school and students will be on announcements letting everyone know when the first meeting will occur. The meetings will most likely occur in room A210 on the first SRT of every week. Students can see their counselor about attending the meetings to get a pass.

Junior Kelsey Lawrence, who was in the club last year and plans to stay in it throughout her high school career, said the club is a great experience for students. She said she hopes more people will join the club this year. “We usually have enough tutors, but hopefully more people will come to actually get tutored,” she said.

“The students who run the club are great and very organized, and they really care about the service,” said Hartman. “It’s such a good group. I just hope more people will choose to get involved.”