Cafeteria manager Anne-Marie Woerner updates students about the school lunchrooms through the cafeteria Twitter page


What is the cafeteria Twitter?
In my opinion, the cafeteria Twitter is an informational tool that can help get students thinking more about the choices they make when it comes to their lunches.

What are the tweets usually about?
Our tweets are usually about food-related issues like new ice cream flavors or days when we have hot breakfast in the cafeterias. We generally want to use the Twitter account as a way to generate participation and interest in the cafeteria among students and also encourage students to eat healthier meals.

How often do you update the Twitter account?
We try to update it on a daily basis, but sometimes we get a little behind and forget to tweet for a while. Overall, our goals is to update the Twitter whenever we have information we think students might want to know.

How did you get the idea for the account?
We started the account sometime in late September or early October as a way to reach out to the students and the community. Twitter seemed like the best way because so many kids are moving to social media, and tweeting something means there won’t be inappropriate or negative comments like there might be with other sites, like Facebook.

What kind of effect do you think the tweets might have?
So far we don’t have that many followers, and we’ve only gotten a couple retweets, but we hope to keep the community aware of what’s going on in the cafeterias. Part of it is about reaching out to students, but I know there are also parents who follow us because some of them are very interested in what’s going on with the food their kids eat.

How do you hope to impact students?
A lot of the tweets have been fun things, like retweeting for a cookie, but we also want to try to get kids to think about their lunch. Sometimes we might tweet “add a salad to your lunch” or  “try some fruit” in order to help students have a better and healthier lunch experience.

What is something you think students should know about the cafeteria?
I think it would be nice for students to see that there’s a lot of work that goes into running a cafeteria. We know that the lunchroom is a place for students to take a break and relax, and we want to keep it that way. If tweeting can improve the students’ lunch experiences, then we’ve achieved our goal with the account.