Debate has meet tomorrow morning at Logansport

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By Reid Conner
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The debate team is getting everything finalized for their meet in Logansport tomorrow morning. The debate students will meet here at 7 a.m. to leave for the debate meet.

According to debate coach Amanda Richmond, the public forum topic for this meet is the impact that social networking sites have on America.

The public forum is open to both novice and varsity debaters. According to Will Petrovic, senior and varsity debater, other events include a Lincoln Douglas debate, a one-on-one debate modeled after the old Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debates.

It deals with values as opposed to research. One other topic being debated is a set of four mock Congress bills.

Senior Christopher Herman is one debate member who will be participating in the Logansport meet. He will be debating on the four Congress bills. According to Herman, the bills aren’t real, but are made up for the purpose of debating. While individual student debaters like Herman appear ready for the various debate meets, there has been other trouble.

This year the debate team has run into trouble finding judges.

“I encourage debate team members to bring a judge because we have a huge lack of judges this year. We’ve already had to back out of one meet because of it,” Petrovic said.

The debate team has another meet coming up over winter break on Jan. 3 at Ben Davis.