2011 in music, a review

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2011 is over, but its music still remains. This year we had the rise of Adele, the death of Amy Winehouse, and Justin Bieber is getting closer and closer to puberty (which wll result in the despair and possible rioting of preteen girls. An event I call the Biebocalypse).

Well you cannot talk about 2011’s music without talking about Adele. Her new album 21 is a hit. It began as a rising tide with “Rolling In the Deep,” then “Someone Like You” swallowed us up and ever since we have been rolling in the deep. It is hard to say what awaits Adele in 2012, touring most likely. But, with these kinds of things it is likely that a new artist will take Adele’s place. Adele has lots of fans, but her fandom is not very secure. They are nothing compared to to Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters.” I have no doubt she will keep on making some more great music, however it takes more than great music to survive on the top 40 list. There is a certain glamour and pizazz that the culture demands through its artists. Adele’s image image isn’t quite big enough right now, she is living on a message, but that is not what people look for in a pop idol. That does not mean she has to go and change her message at all. Michael Jackson is a great example of someone who did not sell their soul when they entered the business; however, learning from Mr. Jackson, Adele needs to be prepared to withstand attacks from rival artists.

Lady Gaga was still weird, but I feel like her popularity is still fading. Her Born this way performance and the egg incubation stunt was not a good performance. You and I was a major shift in style for her and the next year will be a defining one for her.

Katy Perry- She is okay I guess. I still miss her original hits like “Hot and Cold” and “Thinking of You.” “Firework” was good, but the ,usic video was the cheesiest thing I have ever seen. I mean like Kraft macaroni cheesy. Also, she was on Saturday Night Live too. And- Apparently she’s blonde. And wears a wig. Her hotness factor for me just went down a bit.

Aside from the divas, there were a lot of small songs that became popular. My favorite being Mumford and Sons “The Cave.” It is my favorite song from 2011. And Foster the People came on the pop scene with “Pumped Up Kicks” even if its lyrics are messed up. But who listens to lyrics these days?

Oh and Coldplay made a song I can actually stand. But let’s talk about that in my next post.