Junior Meredith Baranowski updates students about CHS events and student government


What should students know about the student government Twitter page?
It’s #TeamFollowBack, so it won’t hurt your Twitter ratio. It’s a good deal to follow. It’s hard to remember sometimes, and when you have that reminder at 8 at night when you’re not really thinking about it, it’s like, “Oh yeah, I need to bring in my money,” or, “Oh yeah, I need to bring in my Coke cans.” It’s for your benefit. The Twitter is a platform to tell the students of Carmel High School, the community and faculty about what’s going on in student government.

What are the Tweets usually about?
They focus on what Senate, Cabinet and House are doing. It’s focusing on student government events, but if there’s school-wide information that I think would be helpful to let students know about, then I put that on there as well. It is about getting information out and it is a better way of promoting what we are doing.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from followers?
Up until this point, I’ve been mostly anonymous, so I haven’t really heard a lot back from the people, but I feel it should be a really helpful tool. I had a question tweet once. It’s also a forum for questions, which I hope is known. So if you have any questions about what’s going on at a specific time, anything at all, shoot us a tweet. I’d be more than happy to answer and help you out, because that’s also what it’s for, an interactive sort of forum.

How often do you update the Twitter page?
I update it on the basis of when there’s something to be told, so if there’s an event, if students should bring in money for having Cold Stone ice cream at lunch or if people should bring their coat for the fire drill we’re going to have outside. It’s kind of a basis of what’s going on.

How did the Twitter page get started?
In Cabinet, we started a Twitter last year, but it wasn’t really given a lot of attention. I think it had three or four tweets on it and not many followers. And so I thought now that Twitter’s gotten so popular, why not bring that back, make it a little bigger and make it a little more informative, kind of give it new life. I thought it would be helpful to the students of Carmel High School. I came up with the idea to redo it, therefore I just headed it up and did it.

Why did you choose to use Twitter as your way of communicating with students?
I think there’s a lot of information. There’s a lot of events that we do. There’s a lot of fundraisers. It can get confusing with times, dates, point values for house and different information. A lot of stuff is being thrown around, so it’s a good way to promote it. People check their Twitter all the time, and it’s right in their faces. It’s a daily thing that people check their Twitters, so I thought it would be an effective way to reach people in a not so abrasive way in their face.