Science teacher Jeremy Horner uses @chschemcrazy to communicate with teachers, update students about classes and to post interesting science tidbits


What are your Tweets generally about?
That ranges. It’ll be random updates from class to science news articles. Today, I just posted something about a schedule change to what we’re doing in class. I’ll tweet other teachers so there’s more of a professional conversation. I stay in touch with other teachers and what they’re doing through Twitter, which is interesting. And then every now and then, I post a random tweet or two, which is usually a science joke or something strange. A little bit of everything, so it covers the sort of funny to serious side of things.

Why did you decide to create a your Twitter page?
I started with my own personal Twitter, and that was more because friends and I were getting in touch, especially a lot of my friends from college. It was a much quicker way for us to get in touch with each other.  I started at school because I knew students had (Twitter), and I knew a lot of teachers that had them, so I used that to network with other teachers and to post things of general interest for classes as well.

When did you first create a Twitter page?
I’ve been tweeting for probably four years. I have had a Twitter page for school for at least two.

How often do you tweet?
Too much. On my school Twitter, I would say probably anywhere from five to 12 a day, depending on what’s going on. My personal Twitter, definitely more than that.

What do you like about Twitter?
I like that you can communicate a lot of information in 140 characters, which intrigues me in a communication standpoint. But it also mimics this idea of scientific communication, that we should be as clear as possible and be maybe not as verbose as you would in your English writings. For me, I’ve used it as a teaching tool even. Instead of writing this big long sentence,  you would tell me what you would in a tweet, and that would be perfect. I like the idea of being able to communicate efficiently with as many people following you.

How did you come up with the Twitter name chschemcrazy?
That actually matches with my website. My website is, and that’s because I like chemistry and I like to think I’m a little too crazy.

Are there any goals you wish to achieve in the future pertaining to your Twitter page?
I wish I did a better job of staying caught up on class updates because I usually post news articles and other things I’m reading or random things that happen to me. I would like to use it in the future to network with more teachers.