“Cinderella Story” program to sell new and gently used prom dresses on March 17

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“The Cinderella Story” is a program that takes new and used prom dresses and resells them for twenty dollars. On March 17, any juniors and seniors in Hamilton County are invited to the prom dress selection process, which will be held at the Noblesville High School Freshmen Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Jane Wildman, student assistance coordinator and dress collector for Carmel said, “We are trying to spread the word for students to donate new or used dresses, tuxedos, purses and accessories that the Cinderella Story people can collect. I am in charge of the dress collection for Carmel.”

According to Wildman, students can go in on the day and be fitted, which will take about an hour. “They’ll ask you about colors and style. Some of the dresses are new, and some of them are not. Fitting rooms and mirrors will be available too. All of the items will be first-come first-serve,” said Wildman.

Sophomore Hannah Fogo said, “When I go to prom next year, I will definitely consider this program. Prom dresses these days are so expensive, and possibly being able to receive one at a lower price is a great deal.”

According to Wildman, for twenty dollars you can get a dress. If students are on the free lunch program, I can give them a ticket and they can get a dress for free. The main purpose of the “Cinderella Story” is to make sure no student has to miss the prom because they don’t have a dress.

“We are really trying to spread the word out about this program. Everyone is strongly encouraged to donate,” said Wildman.