Principal John Williams’ birthday is met with extra student involvement and excitement this year

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Every year Jan Brown, administrative assistant to Principal John Williams, and others in the administrative office make sure to do something special for Williams on May 3 for his birthday. However this year, according to Brown, was a little different. Balloons rained down upon Williams from the catwalk as he stood in his usual spot, shaking hands and receiving countless wishes for a happy birthday from students.

“I really don’t know why this year was different than usual, but we have never had this much student involvement that I can remember,” Brown said. “I haven’t told anybody that today was his birthday so they had to have found out on their own.”

According to Brown three seniors brought in a cake and an oversized card that scores of students had signed. English teacher Angela Jones took her class down to the office in the morning to have all of the students sing “Happy Birthday” to Williams. All day long students dropped by, hoping to give Williams their best on his special day.

“It’s not like this year is a technically ‘big’ birthday, you know, like a 40th or 50th birthday or something like that. We just had a lot of kids that stepped up this year to let him know that they care about him and are thinking about him,” Brown said. “I hope that this does become a tradition that will continue for many years.”