Languages, other classes to bolster new course offerings

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By: John Shi <>

The Carmel Clay School Board will strongly consider making additions of several new classes to the course of studies at this school next year, according to Superintendent of schools Barbara Underwood.

“It’s just that time of year,” Underwood said.

In addition to courses in line with Project Lead The Way, other courses being offered include ACP History for Indiana University credit, ENL lab and IB Mathematical Studies SL.
According to Underwood, these new courses reflect both the success of our pre-engineering program and the aspiring desire on the part of the students to truly fulfill higher level course requirements.

Furthermore, several new world language classes are also up for consideration, including Chinese II.

“Chinese is one of the fastest growing languages in the United States,” Underwood said.

“We realize the importance of Chinese; that’s why we decided to add it last year. And once we add a language, we basically give provision for three years since that’s about how long it takes to achieve a basic level of proficiency.”

Junior Erica Gould said that continuing to offer higher levels of Chinese is one of the best ideas this school has had.

Gould, a current Chinese I student, said she will definitely take the next year of the language.

“We are very large business partners with the Chinese and it is a very important language to pick up,” Gould said.

As a student who said she has always been passionate about languages, Gould recognizes the importance of being multilingual, and, according to her, the widespread benefits of knowing how to communicate with different people “regardless of occupation.”

But for her future job, languages are especially significant. Her ultimate goal: to become a translator.

Besides Chinese II, Classical Greek IV and AP Spanish Literature are also very likely to appear in the course of studies next year, Underwood said.

Junior Elizabeth Allaby said she thinks expanding the foreign language choices at this school is a step in the right direction.

“These offerings are very good,” she said. “And I know that many people will be interested.”