WRAP members start planning for Valentine Day coffee

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By Jackson Whiteker
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The next WRAP Club meeting takes place Feb. 12 in the Media Center. According to Katerina Lowery, junior and member of the WRAP Club, this next meeting will be one of the best of the year.

Lowery said she is expecting a great Valentine’s Day coffeehouse.

“We are hoping for more diversity in the next coffeehouse,” Lowery said. “It’ll be fun to see what people perform at the Valentine’s Day coffeehouse. Usually we have a lot of people show up.”

The upcoming WRAP coffeehouses include the Valentine’s Day special on Feb. 12, regular coffeehouses on March 12 and April 16 and the last coffeehouse on May 7.

Connie Mitchell, Media Specialist and WRAP sponsor, also has high expectations for the next coffeehouse.

“I always like to hear what the kids have written because they all have very interesting things to share,” Mitchell said.

Lowery said she is also looking forward to the other meeting this year. “The meeting at the end of the year is a pretty big one. Everyone should come,” she said, “We’re really looking forward to it.”