Intramural student board in need of new members

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By: Maria LaMagna <[email protected]>

As intramural activities start for this year, intramural coordinators seek new members for the intramural student board. The coordinators have not determined the exact number of students they need yet.

Kathy Buck, co-coordinator of the intramural program and physical education teacher, said she predicts the board will have between 12 and 15 members total this year.

Buck said that coordinators would like students with diverse skills to be members of the board. She said, “(A new member does) not have to be an athlete.
I’m looking for somebody who likes sports, obviously…somebody with leadership ability. Somebody who isn’t afraid to promote the program and advertise it.”

Buck said the board could use new members with skills in a variety of areas. She said students with proficiency in statistics, photography, broadcast, creativity, athletic training, or office-related work could all be helpful. She said students with an interest in sports management might also be interested.

Junior Navya Kumar, who was a member of intramural student board last year, said it was a positive experience.

She said, “I’ve met a lot of people through (the intramural student board). If you like sports, it gives you a chance (to participate) in a lot of sports you wouldn’t play every day, like pickleball.”

Buck said that being on the board is a volunteer position. Students’ responsibilities typically include making posters and announcements to promote the program, setting up before events, and helping to supervise at least half of the events of the year.
For more information on how to apply, students should watch video announcements or contact Buck or another intramural coordinator.