CCPL loans laptops to teens

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By Michael Wang
<[email protected]>

Two filtered laptops are now available this month for students and adults to use in the lounge area of the Young Adult (YA) Services Department upstairs at the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL).

YA Services Manager Hope Baugh said via e-mail, “Teens must give their CCPL library card and a photo ID and sign a user’s agreement (in order to use these laptops).”

According to Baugh, because the laptops are filtered, students do not have to have a gold star on the back of their library cards to use them.

Also, students can borrow the laptops for up to four hours and at the end of those four hours, they can renew their hours at the YA desk.

Junior Reid Watson does not have a gold star on the back of his library card but goes to the library often.

He said, “You know a lot of things nowadays we need a laptop so it is quite handy for people who don’t have one. (Borrowing a filtered laptop from the library) could be really beneficial to them and save them a lot of trouble.”

Baugh said that the library’s goal is to give the teens more options while supporting the freedom of mature teens.