Activities Fair introduces freshmen to clubs and activities


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A Club Med member introduces the club to a freshman at the Activities Fair on Aug. 31. KYLE CRAWFORD / PHOTO

The Activities Fair was held on Aug. 31 during SRT in the freshman cafeteria. Freshmen perused the booths set up by various clubs and organizations at this school that tried to recruit new members from their ranks.

The Activities Fair occurs each year and gives the members of the Freshman class to learn about and join different clubs at CHS.Assistant Principal Joe Schaller said, “The fair will be divided into 15 minute segments, so each floor of the freshman center will go at a separate time, that way it’s not too crowded.”

According to Schaller, CHS has almost 100 clubs, but not all of them will be represented at the fair because not all of the clubs apply to the freshmen.

“Hopefully the students will get the chance to be involved in the school. I encourage them to actually go to the tables and learn about the clubs instead of just socializing with friends,” said Schaller.

Freshman Joseph Snyder said he is excited to go learn and sign up for new clubs.

“All of my upperclassmen friends have told me that I should get involved with clubs as soon as I can, so I think the Activities Fair will be a good way of getting involved,” said Snyder.

Schaller also said that he advises the students to take advantage of the time that they have while at the Activities Fair. “15 minutes gives the students enough time to walk around to all of the tables, but then again, it goes quickly, so utilize it. Meet with the people of the clubs, sign up, and get involved,” said Schaller.