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Well, I know you all have been waiting desperately for another post from me, so here I am, ready to please the public. So much has happened in a week, but today is all about “Finding Nemo 3D” and hyperlinks. If you clicked that, you just experienced blogception. Anyways, on Friday I went to go see the 3D version of everyone’s favorite movie about clownfish, sharks and dentists, and of course I had to dress for the occasion.

My attempt at a Nemo-inspired nail design

I’m no artist, but I thought I could at least try for such a special event. It’s not every day one of your favorite movies of all time comes back in theaters in 3D. And as happy as it makes me to be able to see “Finding Nemo” again, it makes me a million times more sad that there are people who have never seen it ever. You know who you are. Shout-out to Stephen who decided to try and complete a part of his childhood on Friday. But for real, if you’ve never seen this amazing movie, go buy your tickets and watch it in theaters before it’s too late.

For those of you who have seen it, I know you can quote at least one part of the movie (or maybe the entire thing like many of the people in our theater). One of the classic moments is when Nemo struggles to say “anemone.” (It’s a good thing he didn’t have to type it, because it takes me at least three tries every time, and I have fingers.) When I think of that scene, it reminds me of my favorite lyrics in Owl City’s “The Bird and the Worm,” which happen to be the same as the title of this post AND the same as Marlin’s joke that he finally tells in the movie. (So there was this mollusk…) I never realized the lyrics and his joke were the same, but maybe that’s part of the reason why I like that song.

In addition to that realization, my Nemo experience was quite rewarding. The Toy Story short featuring Rex before the movie was hilarious, and the movie itself was obviously fabulous. Which makes me wonder, why is there not a second Finding Nemo? Come on, Disney, we’re waiting. Some people say, “Well they already found Nemo; what are they going to do: lose him again?” And to that I say, well Cinderella supposedly lived happily ever after, and she got three movies. Who does she think she is? (No offense if you’re reading this, Cinderella.) All I’m saying is that Nemo deserves a second movie, unless it’s a terrible sequel. If it’s going to be terrible, I would rather they just bring Nemo back in a few years but in 4D; let’s not underestimate the magic of Disney.

And so I leave on a pleading note to Disney and to those of you who have been deprived of the opportunity to experience an undersea adventure with Nemo and friends.

Stay tuned for my highlights of HOMECOMING WEEK! Let me just say there will be a very cute secret agent on Superhero Day. :]

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