Assistant principal Amy Skeens-Benton provides free Homecoming dresses

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Assistant principal Amy Skeens-Benton is providing dresses for girls who want to attend the Homecoming dance but lack the funds, time or patience to shop for a dress.
“I had some (dresses) donated and went to some consignment shops and purchased some. Girls can just come and pick one out,” Skeens-Benton said.
Sophomore Sara Mauck agrees that getting a Homecoming dress is no easy process. “My schedule is really hectic, so finding time to go out and buy a dress can be really hard,” Mauck said.
To get a dress from Skeens-Benton, students can contact her or her secretary, and they will help provide a dress.
“Everyone should have an opportunity to go to the dance if they want to, and because they can’t afford a dress should not be what holds them back,” Skeens-Benton said.