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Although Senior year is supposed to be full of lasts (the last Homecoming week, the last Carmel Dance Marathon, the last high school final exam…ever), my year so far has had many firsts, too. You read about my first time (attempting) to give blood, and this week I had my first high school choir concert. I was in choir in elementary school and sixth grade, but all throughout middle school up to sophomore year I was an orch dork through and through. I finally got tired of the private lessons and stressful playing tests and took a break from the performing arts last year. As if my thousand dance performances throughout the year just weren’t enough, my love of performing urged me to audition for choir. So, now I’m a member of the Encores, one of the all girl choirs at CHS, and let me say it’s quite a different experience than orchestra.

When I was in orchestra, I played the viola and read alto clef, the clef that no one in choir even knows exist. So reading treble clef at the beginning of the year, when I hadn’t even seen a piece of music in over a year, was a little struggle. Luckily the girl next to me has perfect pitch, so I could just match her and be right. After we learned some stuff about singing, we worked on our a cappella song for a few days before starting choreography for our other song. Encores has the reputation of being a “dancer choir,” so I figured choreography week would be fun. It was alright, but I never want to explain how to do a pas de borrée turn ever again.

The week before the concert was Homecoming week, making it hard to focus despite the amount of work we had to do. We managed to pull through but not until after we lost one girl to the orchestra pit. Don’t worry; she’s fine because the tarp thing caught her like a trampoline. When I saw her body roll over the side of the stage, I just froze until she popped her head up like a little meerkat. That incident didn’t exactly help with our focus issues, but at least eventually we gave a successful show Monday night.

Thanks to those of you who came to the concert and wonderful job to those who participated in it! The first concert of the year always has its mishaps, but I think for the most part we achieved our goal of entertaining the audience. I think orchestra concerts are much less chaotic, but how much sanity can you expect from a bunch of choir divas? (I’ll give you a hint: not that much.) I can’t wait to start with Holiday Spec material and hope to see you all at one of those shows, or maybe all of them.

Oh! And if I don’t write again this week, everyone should go to the Studio One Acts this weekend, the men’s soccer game Friday and/or the football game versus Warren Central this Saturday. They’re all going to be wonderful.

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Olivia :]

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