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Alright, well, this will be an interesting post because it’s starting with a pen and paper during physics class. I don’t want to advocate not paying attention in class, but when you’re about to fall asleep, sometimes the only option is to start writing to stay awake.  Normally I just write notes to my friends, but yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to add to my blog. Oh, and don’t worry about me not listening because I tune into the lecture about every other sentence I write. Plus, the lesson is about inertia, and Bill Nye taught me that inertia is a property of matter, which is pretty much all you need to know.

I blame my tiredness on my English essay. Well, that and all the other homework and activities last weekend. Long story short, I was up so late Sunday that now my whole week is ruined. Whether you have a ton of assignments or just like to procrastinate, one day of a disturbed sleep cycle has effects throughout the week, not just the immediate day after. The obvious solutions to this are sleep more or quit school so you don’t have any homework to take away from your sleep. But, I’m thinking we should just start dividing up the week differently.

Now, we have two big sections of the week: weekdays and weekend. What if it were four sections? Two days of school, a day off, three days of school, another day off. Then, if you lose a few hours of sleep one day, you don’t have to wait as long for a recovery day. The only problem with this is that no one would be able to decide on which days to work and which days to sleep. I don’t really like Wednesdays; they’re so confusing being right in the middle of everything, so I’d turn them into a weekend. Other people would prefer Thursdays or Sundays or maybe suggest an every other day cycle which I definitely wouldn’t want. Unless everyone in the world reads this post and changes the way the week works, our struggle through every long week will continue forever or at least until I’m in college and can schedule my classes around nap times. :]

Today’s Wednesday and I’m still recovering from Sunday’s English paper. Or maybe it was Monday’s studying. Even though I run on about six hours of sleep, when I get only four, bad things happen, like almost falling asleep during physics. Which, thanks to this blog, I didn’t do. Oh and I don’t want to forget my special happy birthday shout out to Rose Neukam! I hope when you read this it makes you smile. Or laugh. Or cry. Or whatever. Also, I hope to see every one at High School Night this Friday.

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