Key Club volunteers at community events, keeps busy as holiday season approaches

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By: Renny Logan <[email protected]>

Key Club started off the month of November busy with West Clay’s fall festival tonight. Tomorrow, Key Club members also will volunteer to help clean the Monon Trail.

Zhang said members shouldn’t worry too much about their hours right now, but to focus on helping the community instead. “We haven’t been too busy so far, but we have a lot of events in (November and December),” Zhang said. “The key is helping out the community.”

“Currently, the club is very similar to last year, but I’m trying to make a lot of changes,” Zhang said. “For example, as more hours are turned in, there’s going to be a spreadsheet posted online that shows how many hours each member has completed.”

“In December, we’re doing bell ringing for the Salvation Army,” Tianyi Zhang, Key Club president and junior, said. “We’re also helping out with the Prairie Trace Fall Party.”

Zhang said she would also like to find new events for the club, so that members won’t get tired of participating in the same events every year. “I also want to provide opportunities for members to bond and be more involved with the club.”