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Finally after months of being in school, it’s time for fall break. So many people are like, “Ohhh why don’t we get Thursday and Friday off; this is so weird.” And I’m like stop complaining; you’re just whining because one little thing changed in your life. Besides, with the new schedule we get two four day weeks in a row, which is way better than one three day week. This week is like the final stretch before a much needed break, and although I won’t be sleeping all during fall break, I’m still very excited.

Friday night and Saturday morning, I will be at a master class with Sonya Tayeh, one of the coolest contemporary jazz choreographers ever. For those of you who are dancers, you are probably jealous right now. For those of you who watch So You Think You Can Dance or have seen Sonya’s work, you are probably jealous too. For those of you who have no idea who or what I’m talking about, just click here and prepare to be amazed.

My first memory of Sonya on  SYTYCD is when she choreographed “The Garden” a few years ago. Her style is so quirky and original it’s crazy. Watching the show helps the audience kind of understand what’s inside the head of the choreographers, but obviously meeting and taking class from them would be a completely different experience. So, when one of my dance teachers asked us if anyone wanted to go the class, I was like DUH! But of course I had to ask my mom first, but luckily she said yes. :]

I remember last year I was so ready for fall break because my body was ready to fall apart from dancing every day, but this year I really get only Monday off. For now my body is still intact, so hopefully Sonya won’t destroy me this weekend. The rest of my break will consist of hanging out with my sister, doing some homework and painting my nails for Halloween, but you’ll hear all about that another day.

Well this post wasn’t too exciting, but maybe you shouldn’t expect so much of me in every single post. Oh and a quick reminder to relax for my friends who are juniors taking the PSAT on Wednesday; it’s not like your score on this test will determine whether you’re a National Merit Scholar or anything.

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