Special K-9 officers to conduct drug searches without disrupting school

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According to Principal John Williams, special K-9 officers will conduct drug tests on school lockers and vehicles within the next couple of weeks.

K-9 officer Brian Schmidt said K-9 officers are similar to other officers.

“A K-9 officer is like all of the other patrol officers.  We still cover a patrol district, we respond to calls within the city; we enforce traffic, cover accidents, etc.  In addition, we carry our K-9 partners with us.  Most of them are full patrol dogs.  My dog is narcotics search and tracking only,” Schmidt said.

According to Schmidt, searches are more effective with K-9 officers and their dogs.

“Since my dog is not used for apprehension, a trained bite dog, my partner and I can move throughout the school without having to put the school on lock down,” Schmidt said. “I can come and go with the dog without disruption to the students and staff.  This also gives us the opportunity to complete more searches, per year, than we have ever been able to do in past years.”