Lifelines conducts Pre-Break Awareness Week

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By: Min Qiao <[email protected]>

As the holidays roll around, along with all the parties and socializing, Lifelines club wants to remind all students of the importance of staying safe.

According to Lifelines sponsor Rebekah Overbey, two weeks before winter break, Lifelines club will be organizing a week full of activities to promote good decision-making in the student body over winter break.

“(Over winter break) you have the holidays and within the holidays, you have New Year’s Eve where a lot of people would get together and have a party,” Overbey said. “We want students to make good choices. Don’t choose to drink. Don’t choose to do drugs. Don’t do things that could cause harm or jeopardize your future.”

Alison “Ally” Klein, one of the vice-presidents of Lifelines club and senior, is in charge of organizing Pre-Break Awareness week this year.

“(Pre-Break Awareness) is not necessarily just about drugs and alcohol, but we just like to put out a good message before break about making good choices,” Klein said “We just want people to be open-minded to making good choices and know that there are consequences.”

Pre-Break Awareness also tries to promote awareness about recklessness. Overbey said that there has been lots of accidents with lack of seat belt, and even more so with students driving too fast, not paying attention to the road.

“In the news, there have been cases of accidents involving cell phones and text messaging and that does increase the accident rates,” Overbey said. “Just making good choices in general. We tried to hit the whole spectrum (of awareness promotion) around break time.”

Klein also said that in the past, Lifelines has done things like showing movies during SRT, organizing trivia contests among SRTs, putting up banners that promote awareness and making announcements about the importance of awareness.

“We’re still not sure on the specific activities that we are going to do this year, but I’m sure that there will be some kind of SRT competition because we tend to do that a lot.” Klein said.

“This year, we are looking to coordinate more with House,” Overbey said. “We want to support Care to Share but, at the same time, we want to make sure that students are not overextended (with all of these activities).

In past years, Lifelines has also promoted anti-smoking during Pre-Break Awareness week. Overbey said that they used to do the Great Amount Smoke-Out, which was not only aimed at anti-smoking for individuals, but also at restaurants to ban smoking. She said that most restaurants in Carmel do not allow smoking now.

Klein said she thinks that Pre-Break Awareness activities will prove to be effective for some students, but there are always going to those students that still choose to make bad or harmful decisions. Klein said, “At least we are getting the word out and letting people be aware of the choices that they should make.”