Exchange students to meet in December


Exchange students are scheduled to have their third club meeting in the end of December to discuss students’ problems and their success in becoming a part of American culture. They will also share their plans for the Christmas and their home countries New Year traditions. The meeting will take place in Bob Evans cafe right before winter break.

“I felt that meeting before the holidays and before break was a good time to check in at the half way point to see not only how far students have come and how much they have learned, but to also be forward thinking about what they have left they want to learn and accomplish is so important,” Kaity Wachtel, club leader and students assistant said.

Unlike last year, all exchange eight students will stay in CHS until the end of the school year and graduate with other seniors in June.

According to Alina Lange, club member and exchange student from Germany, she is excited about next 6 months in the United States.

“I like America, it’s so much fun being here. Every day is a new experience for me. I share my culture with my family all the time and learn about American culture from them. I still miss my family but I don’t feel so bad homesick as the first couple months.”

Foreign exchange students have already accomplished 30 percent of their American year. According to Wachtel it was enough time for them not only to improve their language skills but also to change themselves.

“These students have gained so many experiences, friends, confidence, involvement in school, and interests in things. They each truly have made the best out of their opportunity and are gaining so much cultural awareness. Their relationships with their host families have grown deeper and they were prepared to spend their first holiday with their host family,” Wachtel said

For many of the students, upcoming holidays also meant a great opportunity to see more places in America.

“I have already been in Alabama and New York with my host family,” Lange said. “We haven’t planned anything for Christmas break yet, but I hope we will go to Chicago.”