Latin Club to institute changes

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By: Lily Zhao <[email protected]>

The Latin Club, for their 2007 year, have made plans to extend their membership to Greek students as well as their traditional Latin population. With the addition of the Greek program, the club officers plan to offer many more activities related to both Greek and Latin studies.

Sponsor Caren Rickett said, “Because of the Ancient Greek programs, we wanted to give the Greek students an opportunity to join.”

Due to the extending of the club, club officers expect that the club may need to change its name in order to cater toward both Greek and Latin students. Also, the members of the club hopes that changing of the name encourages a wider spectrum of students to join.

Although no names stick out, the club officers plan to discuss this topic very soon.

“We are going to discuss (the name change) during the start of the year,” treasurer and junior Ellen Williams said. “By changing the name of the club, (the club and its members) are hoping for a big turnout and more involvement overall.”

Along with the name change and the inclusion of Greek studies into the club, Rickett and the club officers plan to include the integration of both Greek and Latin. This merge together of both languages plans to not only involve both parties, but for those two parties to fully understand the tradition, history and language behind Greek and Latin.

“Because of the club becoming, we hope, larger next year, we wanted to make this move due to the fact that the Greek students didn’t have a club before,” Williams said. “Also, (the club members) wanted to learn more about our counterpart in Greece, so we made this merge possible.”