Drug survey postponed until March 19

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By Lauren Burdick
<[email protected]>

The annual drug survey taken by all students at this school has moved from its original date of Feb. 19. The survey has been postponed to March 19.

According to social worker Jane Wildman, the delay has little to do with the school. “It changed because the people who send us the survey had not gotten the surveys back from the printer,” she said. Wildman also said that the earliest this school could receive the tests is Feb. 17, not leaving enough time for her to count out the surveys for each SRT.

According to Wildman, there will be no change for students other than the date they will be taking it.

Wildman said, “I just really would like kids to be honest since it’s anonymous. It’s important that all students take it because we use the results to get grant funding.”