Admission to selective colleges panel to present April 23


The annual admission to selective colleges panel is scheduled to take place on April 23 during SRT in the media center or the Community Room, according to Harry Pettibone, co-organizer of the panel and support staff.

Pettibone said that roughly five to ten seniors who have been admitted into competitive colleges will be sharing their experiences during this panel.

“The main purpose, then, of the presentation is “to educate (Carmel students) who are looking at applying to challenging schools, what can be done and to let them know that it can be done by Carmel students,” Pettibone said. “I think it’ll also emphasize to the students that it’s not something put together overnight; you need to work on it, to package yourself well, and these (seniors), I think, really drive that point home.”

Pettibone said he recommends not taking the college’s final decision personally.

“It’s very hard to get into some of these schools and it’s not an indication of a weakness on your part; you weren’t what the college was looking for at that time.”

Senior Jane Pangburn, who was accepted by the University of Notre Dame and will be presenting at the panel, said that the panel is beneficial.

“I think that if you’re thinking about applying to one of the more selective colleges, then you should come, because we all have experience with trying to get into these colleges and there is a lot of information,” Pangburn said.