Carmel’s Art Show – Francisca “Franci” Figueroa


w.franci3w.franci4w.franci.2w.franci1What type of art do you like to do?

I love painting, oil painting, water color. I don’t really like acrylic, but I do it sometimes. Also, multimedia with different kinds of papers. I like charcoal a lot; sometimes I’ll take charcoal and mix water with it. It’s kind of something I made up. It’s like charcoal painting. I like sculptor, mostly ceramic. I’m trying soapstone, and drawing is fun. Pretty much everything.


What inspires your artwork?

I’m inspired by other artists, but mostly just people.


Which artists inspire you?

I really like Salvador Dali and Rowa the sculptor. I’ve done a lot of stuff reminiscent of Egon Schiele, a french figure drawer.


Are there other artists at Carmel that you really enjoy?

There are a lot of artists that are really different from me that I really like. Kajaih Monson does really cartooney stuff that I think is really cool and Alex Mikev does realistic, like photo realism, type stuff which is really cool.


Do you plan on continuing to do art for the rest of your life?